Why do I oil?

Products today are loaded with chemicals! Like all those big words on your makeup, lotions, medicines, air freshers, and cleaner's labels you cannot pronounce/have no idea what they are.  Those chemicals can cause so many issues!  For instance, hormone imbalance, acne, allergies, inflammation, and so much more.

I turned to oils when I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 25, yes 25 years old.  I didn't want to take all the meds they wanted me to plus my insurance didn't cover them.  So, I started to make the change.  Substituting ibuprofen for peppermint and copiba oils.  Ditching the candles to diffuse natural oils where I could custom blend the scents to what I wanted or needed.  Oils and a clean diet helped me start to feel normal.  Less stiff mornings, less swollen, aching hands. Plus the holy grail of cleaners, Theives.

I challenge you. Pick up some of your favorite products and take a gander at those ingredients. 

Want to make the change or learn more? I would love to help you! 


Please be careful when buying oils in general, the FDA allows company to label products as 100% natural or pure even when they are not. I believe Young Living Oils are an outstanding quality and that is why I would love to share them with you. A great way to start with with the:


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